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Some information about coffee making devices

Coffee makers - Coffee Vietnam

The popularity of coffee is undisputed and perhaps even tea is not able to beat that right now. The culture of drinking and brewing coffee has been developed for centuries, but at the same time, newer methods are constantly being added to the old, even ritualistic ways.

This translates into the development of the industry and the popularity of drinking coffee prepared by active baristas, while still most of the prepared drink is consumed at home. How to choose a device for a specific type and method of brewing coffee?

Coffee makers - Coffee Vietnam
Coffee makers – Coffee Vietnam

The basis for coffee

To prepare coffee, we usually use the simplest method, which is pouring the ground coffee beans with boiling water. Coffee, drunk often instead of breakfast, is intended to finally wake up from sleep without paying attention to the culinary qualities of the drink.

For some time, however, there has been an increase in the amount of coffee consumed outside the home. Local coffee drinkers have developed so many taste buds that they can easily notice the subtle differences in coffee brewed in different places.

This, in turn, translates into an increase in popularity or a decrease in popularity in a given place. This is because the preparation of really tasty and stimulating coffee is not easy at all.

There are quite a few keys to success, but the key is to use good quality coffee beans. At the same time, however, even the best coffee beans will not satisfy the coffee lover with their taste, if we do not prepare them properly, and we use devices adapted to the specific type and degree of roasting of the coffee to brew the drink.

Coffee makers - Coffee Vietnam
Coffee makers – Coffee Vietnam

Two types of coffee

There are two types of coffee in cultivation. It is widely known arabica and robusta shrouded in a certain mystery. Arabica is considered a coffee with a light, mildly noble taste. Robusta, on the other hand, for a variety that offers more bitterness with more power.

Commercially, you can find coffee varieties available on their own. Ground coffee is often mixed and robusta is added to Arabica in various proportions.

Choosing a variant to suit your preferences is not easy, and attempts to trick the barista into a recipe for delicious coffee usually end in failure.

The selection of coffee may take years, and even a perfectly matched composition may not meet the taste requirements if the wrong method and device are used to prepare the drink.

Coffee makers - Coffee Vietnam
Coffee makers – Coffee Vietnam

Coffee makers

For the simplest preparation of coffee, you need a kettle to boil boiling water, which then pour the prepared portion of ground coffee. It is not difficult to guess that Franek Dolas would rather not be delighted with the pouring in such an edition, but coffee consumers are not helpless in this case. Producers and trade offer quite a lot of devices for preparing delicious coffee in the home too.

Coffee brewing equipment – a coffee maker

The coffee maker is perhaps the earliest coffee-making device. It is believed that an earlier one may have been the so-called crucible for brewing Turkish coffee. But this dispute is not settled.

It is important to choose the right coffee when using the coffee maker. Specifically, it is about strictly selecting blends or uniform grains, light and finely ground just before brewing. You can also brew green coffees in the coffee makers.

Coffee brewing equipment – automatic coffee machine

The automatic coffee machine performs all the activities for the amateur of the little black dress. You do not need to grind the beans yourself, because the machine will do it automatically and right before you start preparing the drink. Experts in the field of baristics recommend long-roasted coffee at high temperature (up to 200 degrees Celsius) for this type of machine. The coffee then has a rich, strong flavor.

48 / 5 000 Wyniki tłumaczenia Coffee brewing equipment – filter coffee machine

The drip coffee maker, on the other hand, is not well suited to brewing heavily roasted coffees. The technology of the filter coffee machine is based on the slow seepage through the ground coffee. The best aroma is then extracted from the light mixtures. Coffee from this type of coffee machine is subtle and delicate, and even with sweet notes.

Coffee makers - Coffee Vietnam
Coffee makers – Coffee Vietnam

Coffee brewing equipment – portafilter coffee machine

A semi-automatic coffee machine is a device considered to be the most professional for brewing coffee. When using a port machine for brewing coffee, you must grind the coffee beans in a grinder before brewing. An important aspect for maintaining high-quality infusions is not to grind the coffee in advance. You only need to grind the amount of coffee needed to brew a specific amount of coffee.

The best coffees here are more roasted coffees, but unlike the automatic coffee machine, you can experiment here. Baristas experiment constantly and usually with this particular device, so why not experiment at home with different types of coffee?

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