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Robusta coffee, or time for a little change

Robusta coffee, or time for a little change

Coffee producers offer various additions to its taste to diversify its taste. It makes sense, of course, but many people simply look for … coffee in coffee. Their pure taste is what they want, and the only ingredients they accept are sugar and possibly milk.

Robusta coffee

Robusta is a proposition for espresso lovers – it guarantees an infusion with a distinct taste with a hint of bitterness. If you are looking for a coffee that will give you a lot of energy, go for this variety. The high caffeine content will be the most important difference for you between Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta coffee - young coffee beans
Robusta coffee – young coffee beans

A desire for variety

Each packet of coffee, depending on its producer, of course differs in taste, which results from the very conditions in which the coffee matures, and also from the way it is roasted, etc., but there is also a difference that (surprisingly) many people even those who drink coffee every day, he doesn’t know.

If we have ever drunk a coffee that made us interested in its different taste, we would love to reach for it again, but we do not find it in the next packages we buy, the solution to this puzzle may be very simple, and it is robusta coffee.

Variation … hidden

Robusta is one of the two basic varieties of coffee. The second is of course arabica. When searching shop shelves, we may not come across a robusta, because it is often simply not there. We have a better chance of finding a coffee blend that contains it, but it’s not that obvious either. Often, the package does not contain explicit information about its composition.

Even if we find a shelf where robusta coffee is available, we can pass by it because a small package will be placed right at the beginning, i.e. in the place where the cheapest coffees are available, which we are not interested in.

However, when it comes to comparing Robusta to Arabica, the price will not quite show the difference in quality. Although Robusta is cheaper, it is because growing it is simpler. So, without going into details, producing a package simply generates lower costs.

Speaking of costs, by drinking robusta we can save money not only because it is cheaper, but also because this coffee contains up to twice as much caffeine as arabica. So we can also use less of it. Of course, you should pay attention to this not only for financial reasons.

Taste experiments

However, the most important thing for a coffee lover will be its taste. Robusta coffee has a more intense flavor. However, it is not simply the stronger flavor we feel in Arabica, and the taste is different, sharper than the delicate flavor of Arabica coffee.. It is often described as more bitter, but it can be confusing, and certainly too simplistic. The difference is certainly so significant that we can talk about two different taste sensations. Nevertheless, in both cases, we feel that we are drinking coffee. It is worth trying such a variety, perhaps it will turn out that this is what we were looking for.

Remembering that we can easily decide on the intensity of taste and aroma experiences – not only by choosing the brand of coffee, not only by dosing its quantity, but also … by mixing its types. We can buy ready-made mixes of robusta and arabica, but nothing prevents us from creating our own one that best suits our preferences. It should also be mentioned here that robusta coffee is the one that produces an intense crema on the surface, which is also taken into account when creating blends.

Do not be influenced by the price and quantity of a given coffee on the market, just judge for yourself what we like.

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