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Trí Dũng – ground – brown – 500g


Trí Dũng ground coffee, brown

New delivery in new packaging equipped with valves enabling degassing of the product created during the coffee roasting process.

We offer another, original coffee straight from Vietnam.

Ground grains and, as it is in the Asian taste, immediately with flavorings.

In this case, it is soybeans with milk and a bit of vanilla. All the ingredients mixed and roasted together give the unique taste of Trí Dũng brown coffee.

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Kawa wietnamska TRI DUNG
Kawa wietnamska

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Trí Dũng brown coffee.

Trí Dũng ground coffee

Coffee can be brewed in any way you like, e.g. Italian coffee maker, French press, filter coffee machine.

We recommend our delicious way to prepare coffee: blend freshly brewed coffee (no grounds). This will result in thorough mixing of its ingredients and slight foaming, and will take you on a unique journey of flavors 🙂

Other additives as desired: honey, milk, cinnamon, ice.

Bon appetit!

We make every effort to ensure that our shipments are as eco-friendly as possible. We use recycled cardboard, we stick with paper tape, we do not use foil. We try our best to ensure that our coffee packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Vietnamese coffee

Trí Dũng brown ground coffee is a coffee from the southern part of Vietnam, which is a mixture of two types of coffee: Arabica 25% and Robusta 70%.

Robusta is a resistant and efficient coffee. Often called “bulletproof” coffee. It contains more caffeine than arabica, but at the same time it is less bitter, less “acidic” as many coffee connoisseurs would say.

Robusta prepared in this way is balanced with the appropriate dose of Arabica. This special blend is Trí Dũng Vietnamese coffee, which is original in our offer.

Coffee is an ideal “morning coffee”. It gives power, but is mild in taste, and thanks to the robusta you can prepare the perfect espresso or mocha coffee.

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Weight 500 g
unit pricing measure