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ground Vietnamese coffee

Welcome coffe lovers!

We are a small family business, or rather a husband and wife business. The husband’s name is Peter and the wife’s name is Basia. We’re trying to figure out who’s the head and who’s the neck in the company (because you know how it is in a marriage).

We love coffee, especially when drunk in good company. And exactly in such friendly circumstances of drinking it together we got to know the taste of Vietnamese coffee.

It was an unforgettable taste experience! We are crazy about the coffee from Vietnam! We decided to do everything together to be able to bring this taste to as many people as possible, including those who, like us, have not yet been to Vietnam, although they really dream about it.

We focused on getting contacts directly to a Vietnamese farmer PRODUCING TRI DUNG coffee. Of course, it wasn’t easy, even learning Vietnamese crossed our minds (in order to somehow establish some sort of understanding with the aforementioned farmer).

Fortunately, there were friends and good people on our way, including those who know the language and how to talk to the coffee producer of our choice. We did it! We started working with “Mr. Farmer” – forgive us, but we can’t write the name :).

After many months the fragrant, fresh, exceptionally tasty TRI DUNG coffee arrived.

Now we can bring you a taste of Vietnam in the form of the original, incredibly delicious coffee.


Basia and Peter.